Results from Rounds 2 and 3

Results from Rounds 2 and 3

In the morning at St Margaret’s College the teams debated another prepared topic, “This House would establish an ASEAN Parliament”.

New Zealand took on the New Zealand development team and won.
Australia beat Singapore (3-0)

In the afternoon at Linwood College the teams did a limited preparation debate on the topic, “This House would censor internet bloggers”

New Zealand, facing Singapore for the first time, took the win
Australia defeated the NZ development squad (3-0).

After three rounds the standings are as follows:

Australia: 3 wins
NZ: 2 wins
NZ Development: 1 win
Singapore: 0 wins

Tomorrow the teams are off to St Bede’s College and Papanui College for two more rounds of limited preparation debates, then there is a day off on Wednesday. The teams will spend the day relaxing at Hamner Springs.