Nationals 2009 Results (after three rounds)

Nationals 2009 Results (after three rounds)

Top  of the tab are Auckland White and Wellington Gold on three wins from three. Just behind them are Auckland Blue, Wellington Black, CNI, and Otago/Southland on two wins. On one win is Waikato, Hawke’s Bay, Canterbury Black, and Northland. On zero wins is Nelson/Marlborough and Canterbury Red.

The topic for round one was: This House would means-test superannuation

The topic for round two was: This House would abolish trial by jury

The topic for round three was: This House supports global nuclear disarmament

The teams have just been debating in round four on the topic: This House would prevent skilled migrants emigrating from the developing world to the developed world.

Auckland White saw Wellington Gold in a top of the table clash. Wellington Black saw CNI, Otago-Southland saw Auckland Blue, Hawke’s Bay saw Northland, Canty Black saw Waikato, and Nelson/Marlborough saw Canty Red.

Results will be posted when they are to hand.