Congrats to NZSDC alumni

Congrats to NZSDC alumni

There was a huge amount of NZSDC alumni competing and judging at the recent World Universities’ Debating Championships held in Turkey.

Two teams of all-NZSDC alumni fought their way through 388 teams and made it to the octo-finals, where they were knocked out.

  • Victoria A – Stephen Whittington (Nationals 03, 04, NZ Team 04) and Polly Higbee (Nationals 03, 04, NZ Team 04) – broke 29th
  • Auckland A – Ben Milsom (Nationals 03) and Stephanie Thompson (Nationals 07) – broke in 32nd place.

Congrats also go to the following Victoria teams who narrowly missed the break:

  • Victoria B – Seb Templeton and Ella Edginton (Nationals 07, NZ Team 07) who finished 48th;
  • Victoria C – Kathy Scott-Dowell (Nationals 05, 06, NZ Team 05, 06) and Richard D’Ath (Nationals 06, NZ Team 06) who finished 43rd.

NZSDC alumni were also active on the judging front. Current President of the Council, Christopher Bishop, judged the Grand Final of the tournament. Sayeqa Islam (Nationals 98, 99, NZ Team 98) judged the ESL Grand Final. Jonathan Orpin (Nationals 01, NZ Team 01) judged the main break semis and Jesse Wilson (Nationals 98, 99, NZ Team 98, 99) judged the ESL semi-finals. Gareth Richards (Nationals 01), also broke as a judge.