Wanted! Judges for the International Tour

Wanted! Judges for the International Tour

The Council is looking for suitably qualified adjudicators from New Zealand to come on the Russell McVeagh International Tour for its duration. This is a great opportunity for up and coming adjudicators/coaches around the country to get some international judging experience!

Adjudicators need to be available from Saturday February 12 until Sunday February 20. Accommodation, transport and most meals will be provided on the tour (including formal opening and closing dinners), as well as some social events (such as luging in Rotorua).

The registration fee for New Zealand adjudicators is $250. We would like it to be free, but this is just not financially possible.

The Council will, however, meet the transport costs of getting judges to and from Wellington/Auckland for the tour

Adjudicators need to have experience at judging debates in the World Schools-style, command respect as an adjudicator, and be able to deliver adjudications in front of large school audiences

To apply, please send a short adjudication/debating CV to the President of the Council ([email protected]) by 5pm on Saturday December 11. Please also include a short blurb as to why you are interested in judging on the Tour. Appointments will be made early the following week