International Tour – Round Four

International Tour – Round Four

Here are the results of the debates held today.

ROUND FOUR: Hastings, Tuesday 15 February at 11am

Prepared Debate: This House believes central banks should be directly elected by the people

USA A v Canada West
USA B v India
New Zealand Development v Australia
Canada East v Malaysia
New Zealand v South Korea

ROUND FIVE: Napier, Tuesday 15 February at 2pm

Prepared Debate: This House believes China should abolish restrictions on the number of children a family is allowed to have

Australia v USA B
Canada East v South Korea
Canada West v India
Malaysia v New Zealand
USA A v New Zealand Development

And here’s the leaderboard after five rounds:

New Zealand 5
Australia 5
Canada East 3
Canada West 3
India 3
New Zealand Development 2
Malaysia 0
South Korea 1