Final Regionals Held

Final Regionals Held

The two final regional tournaments for 2011 were held this weekend.

In Dunedin, hosts Logan Park High School emerged as the victors for the first time in the competition’s history, defending last year’s winners, Bayfield High School. The best speaker was James Tocher from Bayfield. Click here for full details.

In the Central North Island, Wanganui High School were the winners over St Peter’s College, only the second time Wanganui Collegiate or Palmerston North Boys’ High School has not won the competition. Elizabeth Begley from St Peter’s was the best speaker. Click here for a report.

And in Canterbury, a selection weekend was held in lieu of the normal Press Cup tournament, which will now be held later in the year. A squad of six talented debaters has been selected. Click here for details on the day.