New Zealand through to Octo-Finals

New Zealand through to Octo-Finals

The Russell McVeagh New Zealand Schools’ Debating Team is through to the octo-finals, after winning all eight preliminary rounds. 

The final day saw them beat Swaziland in a 2-1 split decision, proposing that “This House believes that developing countries should be allowed to use child labour.”  They also beat Greece in a 3-0 decision, negating the motion that “This House would entrench legally actonable socio-economic rights.”

New Zealand is one of three teams to reamin unbeaten – along with South Africa and Singapore.  I am unsure precisely where they have finished, but it will be either 2nd or 3rd, meaning they will face either 15th or 14th placed respectively in their Octo-Final.

Update: New Zealand break third, and will face Hong Kong in the Octo-Final.  The result for this debate should come through around 4 AM on Wednesday (New Zealand time).