Opening of applications for position of NZ Team Coach

Opening of applications for position of NZ Team Coach

The NZ Schools’ Debating Council has opened applications for the position of coach of the Russell McVeagh New Zealand Schools’ Debating Team for the 2013 World Schools’ Debating Championships in Antalya, Turkey, from January 27 to February 5, 2013.  

Applications close Friday 7 September at 5pm.

Role of the Coach

The role of the NZ Team Coach is to prepare the NZ team team thoroughly for the upcoming World Champs. The coach is expected to attend the tournament in his/her capacity as coach.

The coach will be expected to organise (in conjunction with the Council) training sessions for the team in advance of the tournament, and to run those sessions.

The NZ team manager will assist with organising travel etc, liaising with the teams, and other non-debating matters that arise. The team manager will also act as the key contact point between the Council and the coach.

Time Commitment

The coach(es) will be expected to travel to Worlds with the NZ Team. In the time between the date of appointment and the tournament, the coach(es) will be expected to make themselves available to coach the team on mutually acceptable dates for the team members and the coach.


The Council will meet the reasonable travel and accommodation costs for the coach to attend training sessions, if they are not held where the coach(es) live.

The coach(es) will be expected to pay a contribution towards the travel costs of sending him, her, or them to Worlds.
If applications are made by a pair of coaches on a co-coach basis, the Council will re-evaluate the contribution of each coach.

Appointment Process

The appointment process will be as follows:

1. Applicants need to send:

  • a coaching/debating CV;
  • a letter which explains why they would like the job, why they would be a good coach for the NZ team, and which comments on their strengths as a coach (applicants should feel free to provide as much info as they would like);
  • the name of one person who would be happy to be contacted as an oral referee to the NZ team manager, Christopher Bishop, by Friday September 7 at 5pm. Emails should be sent to [email protected] 

2. Team manager to consider applications and meet with Council to create a shortlist of applicants.
3. Oral referees of shortlisted applicants to be contacted.
4. Council may authorise a sub-committee to conduct an interview with short-listed applicants if deemed necessary.
5. Council to advise applicants of outcomes by Friday September 30.