NZSDC is looking to send two NZ judges to WSDC in Turkey

NZSDC is looking to send two NZ judges to WSDC in Turkey

The New Zealand Schools’ Debating Council is looking to appoint two adjudicators to adjudicate for New Zealand at the upcoming World Schools’ Debating Championships in Antalya, Turkey, from January 27 to 6 February, 2013.

Role of the Adjudicators
The primary role of the New Zealand adjudicators is to adjudicate at the World Championships (eight preliminary rounds of debating, plus potentially the octo-finals onwards)
One adjudicator will be expected to serve as the NZ team manager at the tournament. All teams at Worlds must have a team manager, who is responsible for transmitting messages from the organisers through to the teams, liaising with the organisers, etc. The job is not onerous.
Adjudicators must be:

  • experienced at judging schools’ debates in the NZSDC/WSDC format;
  • able to deliver articulate and appropriate oral adjudications in front of large audiences, many members of which are not familiar with WSDC debating;
  • able to deliver concise and appropriate feedback to secondary school debaters; and
  • command respect as an adjudicator.

We are particularly looking to send adjudicators who will make an ongoing contribution to NZ schools debating in the future.

Time Commitment

The coach(es) will be expected to be at Worlds from January 27 to 6 February 2013, although it would be helpful if the adjudicator(s) were available to be in Turkey before that time with the NZ Team. When applying, it would be helpful if candidates could indicate if they are available prior to 27 January.


The Council will pay the registration costs (475 euros) for each NZ adjudicator. Adjudicators will be expected to pay for their own transport to and from the tournament itself, however the Council will also make a contribution of $1250 NZD towards the flight costs of each adjudicator.

Flights can be either arranged by the Council or by the adjudicator.

The Council reserves the right not to subsidise candidates if appropriate candidates do not apply.

If adjudicators are willing to go to Turkey with the NZ team in advance of the tournament, the Council will pay for the accommodation costs of the adjudicator.

Appointment Process

Applicants need to send:

  • a CV (primarily focused on adjudication, but please also include relevant coaching/debating experience)
  • a short letter/email which explains why they would like the job, why they would be a good adjudicator for NZ, and their intended contribution to NZ Schools debating in the future.
  • the name of one person who would be happy to be contacted as an oral referee

Please send applications to the President of the NZ Schools’ Debating Council, Christopher Bishop, by Friday October 12 5pm. Emails should be sent to [email protected] 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.