2018 Championships

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On the weekend of the 24th and 25th of March, Diocesan School for Girls hosted the Auckland Regional Debating Championship. The competition was the largest that has ever been run in Auckland, and was the largest regional competition in the country this year. The tournament had 50 teams compete from 21 schools across the Auckland region .

We’d like to thank National MP Nikki Kaye for opening the tournament – she spoke to the speakers attending and offered some words of wisdom about the value of debating and public speaking – a speech we’re sure all speakers found valuable.

Congratulations to St Kentigern College for winning the 2018 Auckland Regional competition, and to the runners up, Macleans College for what were remarkable runs in an enormous tournament.

Congratulations also to the following students who received awards for their efforts over the weekend;

Most Promising Speaker:

Isaac Mellis-Glynn (Auckland Grammar)

Highly Commended Speakers:

Celine Goh (St Cuthbert’s College)

Izzy Ray-Chaudhuri (Westlake Girls High School)

Ben Fraser (St Kentigern College)

Auckland Development Squad Members:

Mitchell Palmer (Auckland Grammar)

Ben Fraser (St Kentigern College)

Raymond Feng (Lynfield College)

Kyus Roger (Lynfield College)

Lexie Preen (Diocesan School for Girls)

Millie Caughey (St Cuthbert’s College)

Isaac Mellis-Glynn (Auckland Grammar)

Deborah Huang (Diocesan School for Girls)

Reserves to the Auckland Regional teams:

Isaac Mellis-Glynn (Auckland Grammar)

Sarah Morrison (Diocesan School for Girls)

Mitchell Palmer (Auckland Grammar)

Auckland White Regional Team:

William Price (Westlake Boys High School)

Alan Zhang (Macleans College)

Abbie Pool (St Kentigern College)

Auckland Blue Regional Team:

Yang Fan Yun (Macleans College)

Grace Baylis (Macleans College)

David Zhu (Auckland Grammar)

Best Style:

Grace Baylis (Macleans College)

Best Speaker:

Yang Fan Yun (Macleans College)