Kahurangi-Marlborough Regionals Report 2018

Kahurangi-Marlborough Regionals Report 2018

The Kahurangi-Marlborough Regional Schools’ Debating Championships 2018 was held on Saturday 24th February, at Nelson College for Girls. Twenty teams were in attendance, with a mix of junior and senior teams.

This year the first round was a prepared debate on climate change obligations. The teams then had three limited preparation rounds, in which they debated on topics about private healthcare, and reserved places for Māori in medicine in law.

Garin College and Nayland College broke to the senior final, and had a thoughtful debate on whether artists should perform in countries with significant human rights abuses. Nelson College Junior 1 and Nelson College Junior 2 broke the junior final, in which they had an engaging debate on gendered marketing of children’s toys.

Congratulations to Garin College for becoming the Kahurangi-Marlborough champions for 2018, and to Nelson College Junior 1 for becoming the Kahurangi-Marlborough junior champions. The judges this year we very impressed with the high calibre of debates this year, and it was a hard fought competition.

We were very grateful to have the Hon Dr Nick Smith, MP for Nelson, open the tournament this year and to offer his own knowledge and experience on debating, and climate change issues.

A big thank you to all the judges, teachers, and parents who gave up their day for the tournament, and to Nelson College for Girls for once again hosting the competition.

Congratulations to the following students who received awards:

Senior Winners: Garin College
Megan Ritchie
Theo Gabites
Jade Alborn

Runners Up: Nayland College 1
Matthew Suter
Ruben Castaing
Cameron Dee

Junior Winners: Nelson College Junior 1
Freddie Griffiths
Jack Deans
Lukas Turner

Junior Runners Up: Nelson College Junior 2
Tim McIlroy
Louis Hobson
Jacob Wiegand

Highly Commended Speakers
Nicholas Paulin (Nelson College)
Matthew Suter (Nayland College)

Most Promising Speaker
Theo Scott (Waimea College)

Reserves to the Kahurangi Marlborough Regional Team
Megan Ritchie (Garin College)
Scarlett Morrissey-Smith (Nelson College for Girls)

Kahurangi Marlborough Regional Team
Theo Gabites (Garin College)
Marian Clement (Nayland College)
Jono Subritsky (Nelson College)

Best Style Award
Theo Gabites (Garin College)

Best Speaker
Jono Subritsky (Nelson College)