NZ Online Team Coach – Community Feedback

NZ Online Team Coach – Community Feedback

The New Zealand Schools’ Debating Council (NZSDC) has received applications from one coaching pair to coach the NZ Online Team:

  • Shakked Noy and Sam O’Grady

NZSDC is seeking feedback on the coaches conduct and experience from anyone with relevant experience with the applicants as coaches/debaters/judges. This is also an opportunity to raise any relevant considerations or concerns that you think NZSDC should be aware of when making its decision.

Feedback may be sent by email to the President ([email protected]) and will only be shared with the selection panel (non-conflicted members of the NZSDC Council Executive). Feedback will be treated as sensitive and confidential by the selection panel but the submitters will not be anonymous to the selection panel.  
Feedback closes Monday 25 May at 12:00pm.