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The New Zealand Schools’ Foundation was established to build an alumni network for those involved with NZSDC competitions and help support schools debating in New Zealand and the work of NZSDC.

The Foundation would love to reach out to all alumni to get involved.

Alumni Newsletter

The Foundation is delighted that NZSDC, with support from Russell McVeagh, has been able to re-establish an alumni newsletter and is working to develop a database of all alumni. These will be important first steps in re-establishing connections for the future of NZ schools debating.

If you would like to receive the alumni newsletter, please fill in the form below. It will provide an update for Regionals, Nationals and the NZ Team at Worlds each year as well as other important updates for schools debating in New Zealand.

Alumni Support

Debating makes a significant difference to the lives of students across the country by allowing them to express themselves openly in a public forum and developing their public speaking skills for later life.

The Foundation seeks the support of all former schools debaters and friends of schools debating. It is fundraising for six objectives, some of which can realised quickly and others which are more long-term:

  • To increase participation from lower decile schools and by Maori and Pacific Island pupils;
  • To assist students from lower socio-economic backgrounds meet the costs of being able to participate in nationals and worlds;
  • To update and re-issue the NZ Schools Debating Handbook and an accompanying DVD;
  • To ensure there are trophies for all regional tournaments;
  • To assist the development of schools debating in regions outside of the major centres;
  • To digitalise material on schools debating and NZSDC and improve the website.

Anyone interested in supporting these projects is invited to contact the Foundation’s Treasurer at [email protected]

How else to get involved

In addition to donations and help with fundraising, we would love to have alumni get involved with schools debating.

We are looking for volunteers who may want to help out with organising an event, helping out at a Regionals or Nationals, or who have ideas about how we can work towards any of our goals.

We would also love for alumni to attend our events in 2017. Regionals are held around the country in February and March and Nationals is held in Wellington in May. For Nationals, Alumni can come along to any of the preliminary rounds, the Championships dinner or the Grand Final in Parliament.

If you would like to attend any of our events, please get in contact with us at [email protected] and we can forward you the relevant details.

Contact Us

Please find below the contact details for the Foundation for any other enquiries. We would love to hear from all alumni who want to get re-connected.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +64 21 175 1444

Trustees for the Foundation

The current Trustees are Professor Andrew Stockley (Chair), Jonathan Scragg (Treasurer), and Jeremy Johnson (Secretary).

Andrew Stockley

Andrew Stockley founded the NZ Schools Debating Championships in 1988 and was President of NZSDC for 8 years. He coached the NZ Schools Debating Team for 10 years, including the team that won Worlds in 1995. He has been Principal of College House in Christchurch, Head of the Canterbury Law School, the Senior Tutor of Brasenose College in Oxford, and is currently Dean of the Auckland Law School.

Jonathan Scragg

Jonathan Scragg was the Captain of the NZ Schools Debating Team in 1996 and competed at Worlds in Canberra and Bermuda. He was Vice-President of NZSDC in 1999 and has been President of NZUDC. He is a partner at Duncan Cotterill, where he leads the firm’s litigation and dispute resolution practice in Wellington. He has recently been elected President of the NZ Insurance Law Association.

Jeremy Johnston

Jeremy Johnson was a member of the NZ Schools Debating Team in 2002 and was President of NZSDC in 2007 and 2008. He was the youngest counsel to appear before the Supreme Court and is now a partner in Wynn Williams in Christchurch, specialising in commercial, equity and trust law. He is also Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch.