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The best speaker at Auckland Regionals has since 2009 been awarded the Convenor’s Cup, enscribed as below:

Convenor’s Cup
Donated by Desley Horton

2021: HeeSeo Kim (Kristin School)

2020: No regionals

2019: Grace Baylis (Macleans College)

2018: Yang-Fan Yun (Macleans College)

2017: Geneva Roy (Kings College)

2016: Karan Kalsi (Lynfield College)

2015: Amanda Ngo (Kings College)

2014: Harrison Fookes (Sacred Heart College)

2013: Andrew Winstanley (Auckland Grammar School)

2012: Mitchell Smitheram (Kristin School)

2011: Ishika Jayasinghe (St Cuthbert’s College)

2010: Frederick Thursfield (King’s College)

2009: Joshua Baxter (Auckland Grammar School)