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Since 1998 the following trophy has been awarded each year at the Canterbury Regional Schools’ Debating Championships:

Canterbury Speaking Union Trophy
Best Speaker

2021: Oscar Bloom, St Andrew’s College

2020: Lucy Jessep, St Margaret’s College

2019: Charlotte Boyle, Cashmere High School


2017: William Wynn Thomas, Christ’s College

2016: Matthew Moore, Christ’s College

2015: Isabella Walsh, Villa Maria College

2014: Vincent Curd, Christ’s College

2013: Daniel Coats, Burnside High School

2012: Daniel Coats, Burnside High School

2011: Tournament not held.

2010: Sophie Boot, Christchurch Girls’ High School

2009: Josh Toohey, St Thomas of Canterbury College

2008: Simon Inder, St Bede’s College

2007: Rebecca Ardagh, St Margaret’s College

2006: Jess Murchison, St Margaret’s College

2005: Erin Jackson, St Margaret’s College


2003: Matt McGrath, St Bede’s College

2002: Jeremy Johnson, Christ’s College

2001: Jacob Mattingley, St Andrew’s College

2000: Dan Musgrove, Marlborough Boys’ College

1999: William Brereton, St Thomas of Canterbury College

1998: Ben Smith, St Bede’s College