Previous Winners

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‘The Press’ Schools Debating Tournament has been held since 1969. It has been the Canterbury Regional Schools’ Debating Championship since 1988. Since 1988 the winning team has received ‘The Press’ Trophy, which is inscribed as follows:

‘The Press’ Debate
Speakers Club Trophy

Secondary Schools’ Debating

1988: Christ’s College
1989: St Margaret’s College
1990: St Margaret’s College
1991: St Bede’s College
1992: Christchurch Girls’ High School
1993: St Bede’s College
1994: Shirley Boys’ High School
1995: St Andrew’s College
1996: St Andrew’s College
1997: St Bede’s College
1998: St Bede’s College
1999: St Andrew’s College
2000: Christ’s College
2001: St Andrew’s College
2002: Christ’s College
2003: St Bede’s College
2004: St Bede’s College
2005: Christchurch Boys’ High School
2006: Burnside High School
2007: St Margaret’s College
2008: Ashburton College
2009: Shirley Boys’ High School
2010: Christ’s College
2011: Tournament not held.
2012: Christ’s College
2013: Burnside High School
2014: Christ’s College
2015: Villa Maria College
2016: Christ’s College
2017: Christ’s College