2016 Championships

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2016 Championships

The Russell McVeagh Otago/Southland regional debating championship was held on the weekend of the 11th and 12th of March. It was once again a stellar event where the very best of the regions secondary school debaters displayed an impressive depth of knowledge in a diverse and challenging intellectual environment.

Given the size of the Otago/Southland region, the in-round debates were spread out across both the Friday and the Saturday, with four debates on the Friday, with an additional two on the Saturday. Teams debated a wide array of topics; from whether there should be a tax on sugary drinks, to whether there should be a quota for non-white actors in award ceremonies to whether those caught for non-violent crimes should be prosecuted.

Four teams broke to the Semi Finals of the Championships. These teams were Otago Girls 1, Columba 1, John McGlashan 1 and Logan Park High School 1. Spectators were treated to two high quality debates on whether Donald Trump’s candidacy was good for American politics. From the Semi FInals, Columba 1 and John McGlashan 1 emerged victorious and progressed to the Grand Final.

Before a nine judge panel and a hall filling out with a capacity for 300, the two teams were set to debate the final motion for the competition: This house regrets the fact that Governments memorialise the deaths of soldiers in past wars. In a clash that showed maturity well beyond their years, these students dealt with exceptionally respectful and well thought out cases that flowed with persuasive power. In the end however, only one could be crowned victorious, and in a 7-2 split decision, the title of champions for the 2016 Regionals competition was given to John McGlashan 1.

Winning Otago Regional Team 2016

What follows is a list of those who were received speaker awards at the tournament:

Best Speaker
Selena Ballantyne (Columba College)

Russell McVeagh Otago Southland Nationals Team:
Selena Ballantyne (Columba College)
Joe Garry (John McGlashan)
Grant McNaughton (Logan Park High School)

Otago Southland Regional Team 2016

Reserve to the Russell McVeagh Otago Southland Nationals Team:
Kelly Stitely (Otago Girls High School)

Most Promising Speaker
Oscar McGuire (Logan Park High School)

Highly Commended Awards
Beth Clearwater (Bayfield College)
Josh Mackay (John McGlashan)

“Gold” Squad – Year 13 development squad

  • Kelly Stitely of Otago Girls
  • Beth Clearwater of Bayfield College
  • Josh Mackay of John McGlashan
  • Louis Jennings of John McGlashan
  • Oscar McGuire of Logan Park
  • Casey Brown of St Hildas
  • Ben Clayton of Logan Park
  • Grace Sempers of Otago Girls

“Red” Squad – Year 12 and under development team 1:

  • Shanti Girande of Columba
  • Anna Roberts of Kavanagh
  • Lydia Christensen of Columba
  • Isabelle Robertson of St Hildas
  • Rebecca MacDonnell of Columba
  • James Williamson of Otago Boys

“Green” Squad – Year 12 and under development team 2:

  • Lydia Joseph of Columba
  • Sabrina Swerldorff of Otago Girls
  • Tom Acklin of Bayfield College
  • Anna Dawes of Otago Girls
  • Cam Olsen of Bayfield College
  • Beth Fitchett of St Hildas