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The Otago / Southland Schools’ Debating Championships have existed since 1988.  The winning team has always received the Otago University Debating Society Cup, which is inscribed as follows:

The Otago University Debating Society Cup
Otago / Southland Secondary Schools’ Debating Competition
Commemorating the 110th Anniversary of the Founding of OUDS 28/6/88

2021: Otago Boys’ High School

2020: Columba College

2019: Otago Boys’ High School

2018: Columba College

2017: Columba College

2016: John McGlashan College

2015: Logan Park High School

2014: James Hargest High School


2012: John McGlashan College

2011: Logan Park High School

2010: Bayfield High School

2009: Otago Boys’ High School

2008: St Hilda’s Collegiate School

2007: James Hargest High School

2006: Bayfield High School

2005: Columba College

2004: St Hilda’s Collegiate School

2003: James Hargest High School

2002: James Hargest High School

2001: Dunstan High School

2000: John McGlashan College

1999: Columba College

1998: Columba College

1997: King’s High School

1996: Columba College

1995: James Hargest High School

1994: James Hargest High School

1993: James Hargest High School

1992: Kavanagh College

1991: Kavanagh College

1990: Otago Girls’ High School

1989: Kavanagh College

1988: Moreau College