History of New Zealand Team Captains

History of New Zealand Team Captains 2021-01-11T22:41:39+00:00

At the conclusion of the National Finals of the New Zealand Schools’ Debating Championships the New Zealand Schools’ Debating Team and captain are named. Since 2001 the captain has received the Andrew Stockley Cup, inscribed as follows:

The Andrew Stockley Cup
For the Captain of the New Zealand Schools’ Debating Team

Named in Honour of Andrew Stockley
Founder, NZ Schools’ Debating Championships
Coach, NZ Schools’ Debating Team, for 10 years
Coach, World Schools’ Debating Champions, 1995
President, NZ Schools’ Debating Council, for 8 years
NZ Prepared Debating, Impromptu Debating and Oratory Champion

2020: Lucy Jessep (St Margaret’s College)

2019: William Price (Westlake Boys’ High School)

2018: Lydia Joseph (Columba College)

2017: Geneva Roy (King’s College)

2016: Peter McKenzie (Scots’ College)

2015: Georgina Lomax-Sawyers (Buller College)

2014: Liam Dennis (Hutt International Boys’ School)

2013: Ailidh Leslie (Wellington High School)

2012: James Penn (Wanganui High School)

2011: Nick Orr (Auckland Grammar School)

2010: Kieran Bunn (Logan Park High School)

2009: Maria English (Samuel Marsden Collegiate School)

2008: Maria English (Samuel Marsden Collegiate School)

2007: Jane Pring (Nga Tawa Wellington Diocesan School for Girls)

2006: Kathryn Scott-Dowell (Samuel Marsden Collegiate School)

2005: Pei Huang (Karamu High School)

2004: Lewis Bollard (Wellington College)

2003: Eleanor Bishop (Wellington Girls’ College)

2002: Seb Tuohy (Hutt Valley High School)

2001: Pascal Millaire (King’s College)

2000: Dan Musgrove (Marlborough Boys’ High School)

1999: Caleb Ward (St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton)

1998: Francis Reid (Westlake Boys’ High School)

1997: Anna Livesey (Wellington Girls’ College)

1996: Jonathan Scragg (St Andrew’s College, Christchurch)

1995: Catherine Adams (Christchurch Girls’ High School)

1994: Rachel Smithies (St Mary’s College, Wellington)

1993: Ryan Orange (Palmerston North Boys’ High School)

1992: Sacha Judd (Takapuna Grammar School)

1991: Richard Suhr (St Patrick’s College, Wellington)

1990: Catherine Williams (Tawa College)

1989: Simon Ladd (Auckland Grammar School)

1988: Aaron Pedersen (Wanganui Collegiate School)