Regional Team Coaches Appointed

Congratulations to all of those who have been appointed as coaches of regional teams in 2024!

Henderson Reeves Northland: Robert Donohoe & Lily Chalmers (Assistant Coach, Joe Howells);

Counties Manukau: Valentino Tew, Ellen Wang & James Boland;

Auckland Blue: Aisha O'Malley & Harry Aickin (Assistant Coach, Tane Neilson Sanchez);

Auckland White: Sumner Hancock, Robert Hoskins & Gabriel Toreja;

Edmunds Judd Waikato: Tiana Mayo & Levi Pruden (Assistant Coach, Shiana French);

Bay of Plenty: Ella Mitchell & Melissa Connolly (Assistant Coach, Tina Hille-Taylor);

Sainsbury Logan & Williams Hawke’s Bay: Sam O'Grady & Siobhan Davies (Assistant Coach, Peter Gedye);

Central North Island: Isobel Fraser (Assistant Coaches, Cara Homewood & Sophie Crozier)

Wellington Gold: John Brinsley Pirie & Peter Lang (Assistant Coach, Rebecca Elder);

Wellington Black: Hollie Anderson & Sarah Mackenzie (Assistant Coach, Sophie Land)

Kahurangi-Marlborough: Emilie Horsfall & North (Assistant Coach, Olivia Simpson);

Canterbury: Ned Brougham & Meg Longley (Assistant Coach, Luke Wylie);

Otago: Tony Huang & Julia Randerson (Assistant Coach, Sophie Bowmar);

Mee & Henry Law Southland: Sam Garry & Alice McIntosh (Assistant Coach, Ashley Phillips).

These coaches will be training their teams in advance of the National Finals of the New Zealand Schools' Debating Championships, which will be held in Wellington on 24 to 27 May 2024.